Did you know, that O&O Defrag 25 not only defragments traditional hard disks but also keeps the latest SSDs running optimally?

Did you know, that defragmenting your hard disk(s) provides the largest performance gain possible for a PC – even in 2022 (aside from hardware upgrades)? The gains in speed from using O&O Defrag 25 are all the more noticeable the more intensely a computer is used or when the last defragmentation was made a long time ago.

Did you know, that a regular defragmentation not only speeds up your computer, but also reduces wear and tear on your hard drives and drastically increases the likelihood of a successful data recovery?

Product features

  • “Install & That’s All”: After installation, no further settings need to be configured. The programselects and implements the defragmentation method best suited to the system
  • Increases the chance of recovering lost data
  • Speeds up backup and restore operations
  • Supports 64 bit versions of Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

O&O Defrag 25: Optimize Hard Disks And SSDs