O&O SysInfo lets you analyze and find out more about your system. At the same time, O&O SysInfo supports any edition and architecture of the operating system, including Windows RT for ARM processors.

O&O SysInfo detects hardware features along with all sensors, the system status, and the overall status of your network and internet environment as well.

Individual features at a glance:

  • Live detection of sensor data
    • Compass
    • Gyrometer
    • Lightsensor
    • Acceleration
    • Inclinometer
    • Orientation
  • Advanced network information
    • Data counter within a time period you indicate
    • Information about your data plan
    • Breakdown of active network properties (local, mobile, with or without internet …)
    • Current data rate
    • Device identification (computer name, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses)
    • User information
  • Processor properties
    • Processor type (ARM, x86-32, x86-64)
    • Command line
    • Number of processors/cores
  • General device information
    • Input
    • Output
    • USB / Periphery
  • Live tile selection with network and sensor information