OOCC=Maximum usage of your PC resources
OOMR=Easily rescue your lost photos, videos and music
OOUE=Recover deleted data in an instant
OOPM=Manage your own hard disks
OODS=Detect who and what are wasting disk space
OODL=Warns in advance of hard disk problems
OOEMC=The central management for your network
OOTB=The complete solution for your Windows
OOPP=Backup and Protect Data. Accelerate PC. Synchronize Files
OORB=The first aid kit for your data
OOBC=The all-in-one Toolkit for Administrators
OOBS=The complete solution for an efficient and safe Business
OOAB=Automatic synchronization of backup copies of your files and folders
OOLP=Perfect products for your Windows PC