O&O BlueCon 21
O&O BlueCon 21
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  • Compatible with Windows 11, 10 and Windows Server editions
  • New versions of O&O DiskImage 19 and O&O SafeErase 18 included
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Disaster recovery when a pc or server no longer starts

A blue screen usually means a lot of work for administrators. When things get really bad, there’s no other choice but to configure a new system setup. And this is where O&O BlueCon comes in. O&O BlueCon is at an administrator’s side during the course of a daily routine as well as whenever disaster strikes. Based on Windows PE, it offers a wide range of programs for, among other things, repairing systems, searching and correcting errors, restoring lost data, resetting passwords, and the list goes on. O&O BlueCon is an administrator’s IT first aid kit for day to day use.

O&O BlueCon starts all programs directly from a bootable medium (USB or CD/DVD) and can so avoid the risk of data loss caused by overwriting data on the computer, which might be the case with a new installation. Seamless integration of all O&O BlueCon components saves the user the time-consuming job of collecting individual programs.

The most important innovation in O&O BlueCon 21 is the integration of O&O Check & Repair, a tool to search for why a system no longer starts. In the first step “Check”, the system files and components are checked for missing or damaged files and/or registration key. “Repair” then tries to automatically correct these errors. If this step is not successful, the current version 21 of O&O BlueCon offers further information, including the log files.

The creation of the bootable rescue medium was completely revised in O&O BlueCon 21 and simplified again. With just a few clicks, the start medium is created and ready for use. New is the integration into a separate rescue environment, so that the primary recovery environment can continue to exist without changes. Any integrated drivers can also be utilized.

NEW: WLAN support in O&O BlueCon

The latest O&O BlueCon takes the flexibility and connectivity of system recovery and maintenance tasks to a new level. Recognizing that many modern mobile devices – from laptops to tablets – now only have WiFi connectivity, O&O BlueCon now offers expanded support for wireless networks. This development makes it possible to seamlessly operate devices without a physical network connection.
The WLAN functionality in O&O BlueCon is not just limited to access to the Internet. Rather, it significantly expands the possibilities for network use within your company. Whether it’s saving backups to network locations, backing up important files, or accessing company resources, it’s all now possible over a Wi-Fi connection.

NEW: Simplified creation of the boot medium

The latest O&O BlueCon revolutionizes the process of creating boot media by making it much more user-friendly. In the past, preparing a boot medium for O&O BlueCon involved downloading and installing a comprehensive, 5 GB package from Microsoft – the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). This step could be very time consuming depending on your internet connection.
With the latest version of O&O BlueCon, this cumbersome process is a thing of the past. Users no longer need to install Microsoft’s additional ADK to create boot media. This improvement not only eliminates the need to download and install large files, but also reduces the complexity and potential sources of error that came with the previous method.
This optimization makes creating a boot media faster and more accessible for all users, regardless of their technical background. The result is a streamlined and efficient process that makes it possible to begin restoring and maintaining systems right away without much preparation or waiting. With the new O&O BlueCon, users can now create boot media easier than ever to effectively manage and repair their systems.

Simplified operation through new ShellConfig

With the introduction of the new ShellConfig, O&O BlueCon 21 sets new standards in terms of user-friendliness and efficiency. This innovative configuration level was specifically developed to optimize and simplify the start process of O&O BlueCon and the O&O ExclusiveMode. As soon as O&O BlueCon is activated or the O&O ExclusiveMode starts, ShellConfig comes into play and contributes significantly to increased user-friendliness.
The main function of ShellConfig is to automatically reload drivers and unlock BitLocker drives when necessary. This process, which previously required manual intervention and technical expertise, is significantly simplified by ShellConfig. Users benefit from a seamless and largely automated experience that makes it easier to access the powerful functions of O&O BlueCon and ExclusiveMode products.
Thanks to this innovation, users no longer have to manually intervene in the process to solve driver problems or make encrypted drives accessible. ShellConfig handles these tasks automatically, speeding up the entire process and reducing the likelihood of operator errors.

Benefits for your company:

  • Restoring accidentally deleted data
  • Backing up and restoring data
  • Driver problems and service issues
  • Secure deletion of data volumes
  • Resetting passwords
  • Partitioning hard disks
  • Combat errors in the registry database
  • Advanced error detection – EventViewer and CheckDisk
  • Locating and removing data
  • Downloading additional tools: Integrated web browser
  • Creation of a PXE Boot Medium direct from the Boot Assistant
  • Bitlocker drives can be unlocked and accessed
  • Scripting over Windows networks
  • Support too for Hyper-V

System requirements:

The current version supports Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016 and all integrated programs start directly from USB stick or from a network environment via PXE boot. O&O BlueCon can be started directly from the Windows boot menu or directly from the USB stick or CD without prior installation.

Integration into the Windows Recovery Environment

Version 21 is integrated into the Windows operating system so that it can be started from the Windows rescue environment, with all additional drivers included. There is no longer any need to have a CD or DVD to hand in order to access the system and all the tools within O&O BlueCon. O&O BlueCon 21 is therefore the complete toolbox for emergencies – ready to help at any time!

Disaster Recovery that just works

A system crash! A nightmare for any Administrator of course, but for others just a challenge. Whereas one tries a lot of fancy tricks at breakneck speed, the other simply starts O&O BlueCon 21 directly from a boot medium and immediately has access to various tools that repair systems, find and solve errors, recover data, reset passwords and much more. Disaster recovery doesn’t get any easier.

Application scenarios for O&O BlueCon

  • Defective driver installation after changing hardware causes blue screen
  • Windows fails to start for no explainable reason
  • Defective Windows updates
  • User has forgotten his Windows password
  • Files without backups are accidentally deleted
  • Malicious code has damaged the system
  • Data needs to be permanently deleted from the hard disk

Daily solutions with O&O BlueCon tools

  • Resolve problems with drivers and services
  • Search for errors and check drives
  • Resolve Windows errors and restore systems
  • Manage users and reset forgotten passwords
  • Secure data deletion before computer disposal or transfer
  • Recover files that were accidentally deleted
  • Search for, copy, and reposition data
  • Reload driver even before program start
  • Download additional tools: Integrated web browser

Start directly from bootable medium

All O&O BlueCon programs and features can be run directly from the O&O BlueCon bootable medium without any installation – even if Windows is defective or no longer able to start. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, the integrated tools are extremely easy to use and require little time for learning how to use them. The O&O BlueCon bootable medium has also been optimized for Windows 11 and Server 2019.

New: Remove/uninstall updates that were installed by Windows

With this new function you can remove/uninstall updates that were installed by Windows. The O&O UpdateRemover offers much more than the in-built Windows function. This only shows and removes the “last update”, whereas the O&O UpdateRemover is more detailed with a full list of updates installed and available for removal. It is also still available even if the Windows rescue environment no longer starts!

Create a PXE Boot medium from BuildPE

In a Microsoft network environment, clients can now be started over a network – no DVD or USB stick is required. Using the PXE boot medium created within O&O BlueCon, customers can now boot a computer over their networks from a remote machine, rather than having to use a local medium such as a hard disk, CD, DVD or USB stick. The medium created in O&O BlueCon can be held on a central server and then activated for certain computers when needed, without this boot medium having to be physically available. The PXE server required to do this (Windows Deployment Service) is available in a Microsoft Domain or can be installed.

Embed drivers: O&O DriverLoader

One very special feature is the O&O DriverLoader which automatically recognizes all system components and loads the necessary drivers. If the driver for a particular hardware is missing, the user can quickly embed it into the running system so that he can then have complete access to this device.

Professional data restoration: O&O DiskRecovery

The new O&O DiskRecovery finds and reconstructs files that were accidentally deleted or lost as a result of software error. O&O DiskRecovery searches for lost data through every sector of the hard disk, memory card, or USB stick.

Easy hard disk management: O&O PartitionManager

O&O PartitionManager will let you create, delete, extend and shrink partitions. It will also allow you to change the size of a system partition and rearrange files to save space on them.

Access a computer without an administrator password

The O&O BlueCon UserManager gives you access to all registered users. You can, for example, change forgotten passwords in just a few clicks so that a user can quickly login with a new password.

Permanently delete data

The user-friendly O&O SafeErase Wizard helps you delete sensitive data and entire drives so securely, it prevents the data from ever being recovered again. Not even with specialized software. Thanks to the five different deletion methods, data can be overwritten up to 35 times.

Backup data from defective Windows systems

Copy your data from defective systems onto external disks. You can access data on your system without having to overwrite it – this gives you the security of knowing that no data will be lost. By using the O&O BlueCon FileExplorer, you’ll be able to access all files and folders.

Whitepaper: Disaster Recovery quick and easy with O&O BlueCon

Whitepaper: Disaster Recovery quick and easy with O&O BlueCon

Neither hardware nor software providers like to hear it: disaster involving a computer being fully down, crashing, or no longer accessible still happens – and, unfortunately, not
too rarely.

This whitepaper will explain why such situations not only put limitations on business operations but also contribute to higher costs. It will show how O&O BlueCon can help those responsible for IT services resolve any such problems quickly, securely, and dependably.

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