O&O BlueCon: Compare Editions

Features and Options
O&O BlueCon
O&O BlueCon
Admin Edition
O&O BlueCon
Enterprise Edition
O&O BlueCon
Enterprise-Tech Edition
Professional Data Recovery (O&O DiskRecovery)    
User Management (O&O UserManager)    
Automatic Windows Repair (O&O Check & Repair)    
Automatisc removal of Windows Updates (O&O UpdateRemover)    
Windows File Management (O&O FileExplorer)    
Device Management (O&O DeviceManager)    
Automatic Disk Checking (O&O CheckDisk)    
System Settings    
Event Display (O&O EventViewer)    
System Information (O&O SystemInfo)    
Integrated Microsoft PowerShell    
Editor (O&O Notepad)    
Calculator (O&O Calc)    
Web Browser    
Secure Data Deletion (O&O SafeErase)    
Partition Management (O&O PartitionManager)    
Backup & Recovery (O&O DiskImage)    
Exclusive Access to Technical Support    
Maintenance Agreement    
Use on Domain PCs    
Recovery License    
Deployment License    
PXE License    
Support for Windows PCs    
Support for Windows Servers    
Support for Virtual Machines    
Can be deployed onmax. 10 PCsAll own EpsAll own Epsunlimited
License FormPersonal licensePersonal licensePersonal licensePersonal license
Price (Lifetime-License)
Subscription p.a. p.a. p.a. p.a.
Multi-year license discount