Pricing and licensing

Licensing Pricing
O&O BlueCon 20 Admin Edition One administrator, one company US$ 1090Buy now
O&O BlueCon 20 Tech Edition One service technician US$ 3590Buy now
O&O BlueCon 20 Admin Edition Plus, 1 License One administrator, one company US$ 1790Buy now
O&O BlueCon 20 Tech Edition Plus One service technician US$ 5990Buy now

The On-Site Pack for MSPs

You know the scenario: your client calls, details the problem as best he or she can. You maybe connect remotely to see if you can help, but what if the problem doesn’t allow that: a blue screen, the system is dead, it won’t boot and every minute lost equates to money lost for your client?

Right there is where O&O BlueCon comes in. With a boot medium for starting dead systems, full, unfettered access to all Windows systems, Windows error resolutions, data recovery, system restoration, secure deletion of data and much more. All these tools at your fingertips when you are on-site, in one package. And with the Plus Edition, you can also image, backup and restore as many machines as you wish to be equipped for future problems.

Licensing   Pricing
O&O BlueCon Tech Edition Subscription (1 year) 500 USDBuy now
O&O BlueCon Tech Edition Plus Subscription (1 year) 750 USDBuy now

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Individual Offer

Have you got very specific requirements for your company, or are you interested in a site license? Or would you like our products for a public authority or educational establishment? If so, please contact our sales team direct. We will be more than happy to make you a tailor-made offer.

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