Support for your IT staff

Your IT staff is no doubt already responsible for a whole range of tasks and has its hands more than full. Or as a small business, you maybe have no dedicated IT staff, but are supported by external consultants. Regardless, our Premium Support is just right for you! We will help you immediately with all possible questions relating to our product range, from installation to configuration, to scheduling and updating your network clients. You save both time and money, and can concentrate purely on your core business!

Telephone support

As a Premium Support customer, you have exclusive access to our support staff at our headquarters. Should you have any questions relating to our products, they will be more than happy to help you!

Priority e-mail responses

You need to ask us a question in an e-mail? No problem. As a Premium Support customer you have a special e-mail address to which you can send your questions, and you will get an immediate response!

Help with installation in the network

O&O provides a variety of ways to install our products automatically across networks. These include:

  • Scripting capabilities
  • Integration into the Windows Group Policies
  • Remote Installation Service (from Windows 2003)
  • Windows Deployment Services (from Windows 2008)
  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

We are always more than happy to help you with the installation and setup of these systems!


Our products are also deployable in virtual environments. Our Premium Support will be happy to help you install and Microsoft Hyper-V and also vmware!

Adapting the applications to suit your needs

O&O offers a comprehensive range of services for individually adapting all O&O products to suit your specific application requirements. This lets you select from our world-renowned standard solutions an individual product that fits perfectly into your business. Should you request it, we will also make sure that your product model is synchronized for future versions, so that you are always using the latest technology and version.

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