Social Commitment: Stifter helfen

In collaboration with the portal, a project of, we provide free access to our O&O Business Suite to non-profit organizations since November 2010.

This offer of goodwill is targeted at organizations whose main goals are dedicated to social and welfare care, public health, education, culture, the environment and nature and sports.

The IT donation platform hosts over 180 current software products by Cisco Systems, Efficient Elements, GiftWorks, Laplink, Microsoft, SAP and Symantec, and O&O Software.

Our effort to provide free access to our complete solution for system and data management is very well received by the non-profit companies taking advantage of this offer, which is also reflected in the very positive evaluations we have received (see Appendix).

O&O Software GmbH is very pleased to facilitate the day to day work of nonprofit organizations in Germany with their IT donation and thus give back to the community.

Diakonisches Werk Kassel:

“ allows us to maintain a professional IT environment and concentrate on the important work. The time won allows us to focus on initiate and implement new projects.”

Gerd Bechtel, Managing Director Diakonisches Werk Kassel

Gesellschaft für soziale und berufliche Integration e.V.:

“Software products form O&O Software – helpful and very useful for us! Our many hard drives are kept in shape by their products. We also regularly use their defragmentation and imaging software. It’s just good to know that in the case of a damaged boot partition we can restore it without a great fuss! Thanks for the donation!”

Enno Ellerbrock, Managing Director Gesellschaft für soziale und berufliche Integration e.V. Wilhelmshaven

Landshuter Netzwerk e.V.:

“As a social service it is imperative to have a secure and stable IT system to work effectively. The software products offered at “Stifter-helfen” (among them O&O Software products) facilitate our work immensely, and allow us to allocate all available funds directly into projects for people benefitting by our work. Thank you!”

Jürgen Handschuch, Managing Director Landshuter Netzwerk e.V.

Fördervereins der Freien Aktiven Schulen Wülfrath e.V.:

“We would like to thank most sincerely and O&O Software, which made it possible for our non-profit to built and expand an IT infrastructure. Our parents-led initiative Freie Aktiven Schulen Wülfrath is now able to focus on the goal of providing students with a modern multimedia learning environment for the best possible education.”

Robert Freitag, Co-founder and Member of the Board of the Fördervereins der Freien Aktiven Schulen Wülfrath e.V.

DemenzForumDarmstadt e.V.:

“The uncomplicated and dedicated support of the IT donations on was a great relief for the DemenzForumDarmstadt e.V. during the difficult financial crisis, for which we are very grateful. As a contact and information reference for people with dementia and their families, we have a variety of tasks to fulfill and your IT donation helps us in the ongoing daily business. They really came at the right time.”

Dorothee Munz-Sundhaus, DemenzForumDarmstadt e.V.