The complete solution for an efficient and safe Business

O&O Business Suite
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The complete solution for an efficient and safe Business

Lower your IT costs permanently, speed up the response times of servers and workstations, get the highest possible system availability for your enterprise IT and protect your business against the loss of sensitive corporate data.

Benefits for your company:

  • you use the resources of your existing IT infrastructure optimally;
  • you reduce the number of helpdesk enquiries from your employees because of non-performing servers and workstations;
  • you reduce annual hardware costs by extending existing hardware life expectancy;
  • you are warned in advance about a potential disk crash and can prevent disaster striking;
  • the Mean Time To Recover (MTTR) with the Disaster Recovery Solution is drastically reduced;
  • you minimize downtime and maximize your data security through our data imaging solution;
  • you increase overall efficiency and reduce the time your Administrators need to ensure optimal IT availability;
  • backup times are hugely reduced thanks to our defragmentation solution;
  • you join over 32,000 companies worldwide who are already benefitting from our business solutions.

Further Information

PDF Data Sheet: O&O Business Suite

The O&O Business Suite is our complete solution for the system and data management of your company. Maintain, protect and speed up all your systems from desktop to laptops and notebooks to servers.

What potential savings can my company make using the O&O Business Suite?

You can get the O&O Business Suite from just $29.00 per month and save up to $11,000.00 against the total value of the solutions contained in the Suite.
Here is a further example: the imaging solution from one of our competitors costs €768. 00 net per Windows Server. For just €690.00 per year you get licenses of our imaging solution for 5 servers and 25 workstations. Furthermore, you get 5 server and 25 workstation licenses respectively of our solutions for defragmentation, system administration, disaster recovery, data rescue and disaster prevention, all included. That is why the O&O Business Suite is the complete solution for an efficient and safe business!

Two examples of how the O&O Business Suite helps your organization reduce IT costs:

Problem: The lost performance due to fragmentation will cost not only time but also money, because the available resources are used ineffectively. The fragmentation of systems can even lead to premature hardware upgrades, as the lost performance is not reactivated unless a defragmentation solution is being used.

Solution: O&O Business Suite. Extend the useful life of existing hardware by up to one year and permanently save costs and deployment of new hardware.

Problem: Access to files that are normally opened quickly may take up to 10 times longer due to fragmentation. The boot time of systems is increased substantially and nightly backups can take hours longer. Employees have to wait unnecessarily long to open and edit documents. The more employees, the greater the loss of effective working.

Solution: O&O Business Suite. Just the O&O Defrag Professional contained in the O&O Business Suite solution can obtain for each employee over 19 hours per year of additional, effectively utilized working hours (with just the five minutes a day that are saved by defragmenting).

Our Service:

The O&O Business Suites contain licenses for all O&O desktop products as well as for our products especially designed for company server systems. The O&O Business Suites are available in four different models: Package 5, Package 10, Package 25, and Package 50. In this way, you can select the O&O Business Suite best suited for the number of licenses required by your company. You need to purchase at least one Package but can, of course, obtain additional and various Packages anytime you wish.

Delivery: After you’ve purchased, you’ll receive a Welcome Kit containing a license certificate for full versions of each product corresponding to the number of the Package you’ve ordered. The licenses are valid for one year and will be updated throughout the life of the contract. You’ll automatically receive a new version of a product whenever one becomes available so that your software is always up to date.

Duration: The contract is valid for one year following conclusion of agreement and will automatically be extended for another year unless canceled 30 days prior to expiration. As a special condition during the first year, the contract may be canceled within 30 days after it has gone into effect.

Payment: Payment must be made in advance on an annual or monthly basis. Payment may be made by credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. Invoices will be issued either monthly or annually and sent electronically. In accordance with its duration, each Package may be extended or reduced (right to up and downgrade).

Installation: You will receive a complete program package containing all the products that may then be installed remotely or manually on each computer. Updates can also be easily installed this way so that the maintenance requirements can be kept to a minimum.

Cancellation: The contract may be canceled within the first 30 days after its acceptance. Following this, you can decide whether you want to renew the contract for another year, and if not, may cancel it no later than 30 days prior to expiration. As a very special bonus, selecting to make an annual payment will actually give you 12 months for the price of 10! We give you two full months for free!

Service and Support: Our outstanding service is at your disposal throughout the year! A designated contact is available to help you with any issue or request that you may have. For an additional monthly fee, you can purchase Premium Support and be guaranteed priority access to our technicians.

The complete solution for an efficient and safe Business