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Benefits for your company

First class software solutions for all Windows systems – from individual workstations up to entire IT infrastructures

Superior backup solution
Automatic backups made easy

Minimum downtime when disaster strikes
Back in operation in just a few minutes

Integrated Machine Independent Restoration
Migrate entire systems onto completely new hardware

Flexible Data Restoration
Restore entire systems or just a single file

Reduced hardware expenditures
Up to 100% more performance and extension of hardware life expectancy

Minimum training required
Intuitive use means less cost for training

O&O DiskImage- Comprehensive backup solution for Windows Servers and PCs.

Comprehensive backup solution for Windows Servers and PCs.

O&O DiskImage lets you backup all your Windows systems quickly, easily, and economically: servers, PCs, virtual machines as well as vital company files. You’ll also be able to restore system and file backups on any number of target systems (restoration/cloning onto systems with differing hardware - M.I.R.).

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O&O Defrag- Maximum Performance for Windows Servers and PCs

O&O Defrag can increase performance on Windows Servers, PCs, and virtual machines for up to as much as 100%. Fragmented disks can wind up costing your company productivity and money! Depending on the number of fragmented files and their level of fragmentation, hard disk access will take considerably longer. This can lead to more help requests caused by slower access to PCs and servers, more time needed for making backups, reduced chances for data recovery, and premature hardware abrasion resulting in earlier replacement.

O&O Defrag optimizes your systems automatically according to how they’re being used. Statistics allow you to follow the success of your defragmentation strategy over the course of time.

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O&O SafeErase- Secure Data Deletion for critical and frequently overlooked company data

An enormous amount of internal company information involving customer data, bookkeeping, financial statements, and strategic documents gets collected on servers and workstations. When the time comes for replacing individual hard disks or entire systems (especially when they’re leased), the information on this obsolete material can quickly turn into a risk of unforeseen proportions. O&O SafeErase permanently destroys individual files as well as entire disks using scientifically recognized methods that prevent your internal company and customer data from falling into the wrong hands.

Also available as a Service Provider license.

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O&O DiskRecovery- Company-wide data recovery with just one license

The inadvertent deletion of important files that are urgently needed for completing a running project happens all too frequently nowadays. This is especially painful when many hours have been spent working on a document in the time between one backup and another. Or when a Sales Rep is on the way to an important client. O&O DiskRecovery is so easy to use, that deleted files, formatted systems or those with destroyed file systems can be quickly and completely restored – even by non-administrators.

Also available as a Service Provider license.

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O&O BlueCon- The O&O Disaster Recovery Solution

Every administrator has lived through this: a company server, workstation, or virtual machine with important company data experiences a critical system error and ends up with a blue screen (BSoD). Or an important file was accidentally deleted. Or a company employee has forgotten his computer password. Call O&O BlueCon to the rescue!. O&O BlueCon can help the administrator in his daily activities as well as whenever disaster strikes. Based on Windows PE, it provides a number of useful tools for, among other things, repairing systems, detecting and resolving errors, recovering lost data, resetting passwords and much, much more. All the integrated programs can be started directly from the O&O BlueCon boot medium (CD/DVD or USB stick). O&O BlueCon requires no installation and no Windows. Thanks to Hyper-V support, O&O BlueCon can also be used in virtual environments.

Also available as a Service Provider license.

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O&O Syspectr- The intelligent IT Management solution for your company

O&O Syspectr gives you a comprehensive view of your Windows infrastructure. What’s more, you’ll be able to take a good look inside each individual component by having all relevant system information displayed whenever the need arises: hardware, software, full and health status of the various hard disks, connection status as well as internal and external IP addresses and much, much more.

O&O Syspectr immediately lets you know about any possible problems. This can involve installation of new software by permanently monitoring Windows Security (including notification of missing Windows updates) or letting you know a USB stick has been connected. With the push of a button, you can stop this from happening and prevent the introduction of malicious software or having important documents taken away.

This information remains available to you even when the computer is no longer running. Our app makes it all so simple, O&O Syspectr can be used anytime and anywhere directly from your browser.

You can have O&O Syspectr notify you by email the moment anything important should happen. You’ll then be able to respond immediately and have everything under control without needing to be directly on site.

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Our corporate packages – with up to 80% savings over the regular price

Our bundled solutions are the easiest and most cost-efficient way for Small and Medium Businesses to start using O&O products. Take advantage of all the integrated solutions, very attractive pricing, and our excellent Technical Support.

O&O PowerPack Enterprise: Everything you need for your servers & PCs in 1 Pack

O&O BusinessSuite: System and data management for the entire company at a fixed monthly price

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