O&O AutoBackup 6: Backup important data externally – quickly, easily, and always up to date

Whenever that device is connected to the PC, a backup process begins automatically. As soon as a file is changed or created on the source file, O&O AutoBackup will copy it onto the external disk. O&O AutoBackup can synchronize the files automatically with several different storage devices: users can for instance save work documents to an external hard disk and put holiday photos on a USB stick. The only thing a user has to do is connect the corresponding external disk to their PC.

New in O&O AutoBackup 6 is the option for running a job at a later time. If a job such as synchronization of a folder is scheduled for a certain time and the computer just happened to be off at that moment, the job will be run automatically at the next start.

Integrated real time synchronization protects data even faster: as soon as a file is changed or created on the source, O&O AutoBackup will copy it onto the connected target disk.

The intuitive user interface requires just a few clicks for creating dependable backups and guarantees full protection. Data is copied to the target device as a 1-1 copy that can be accessed over Windows Explorer in the usual way.

O&O AutoBackup 6 is fully integrated into the current Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Automatic file comparison

Whenever an external disk is connected to the computer, O&O AutoBackup will check to see if there have been any changes to those files and folders already located on that disk. There’s no need to start the program manually. Using a simple file selection dialog, the user can select the files, folders, and even partitions that he or she wants to backup.

Backup options include:

  • Full Backup: All data is copied to the external disk into a directory. This is always the first step in order to have a complete backup of all selected files.
  • Backup of the changes: All changes and new data will be copied. A new file is written each time but the original file on the external medium is not changed. Files that have been deleted on the source remain on the external disk.
  • Synchronization: All changes are implemented and deleted data will be removed from the target medium.
  • Real time synchronization: As soon as files are created or changed on the source, O&O AutoBackup copies them onto the designated target drive.

New and enhanced features

Automatic backup on multiple target devices: Multiple targets can now be selected for saving different data.
Engine and processes: Completely revamped for even faster synchronization.
Compatibility: O&O AutoBackup 6 is compatible with Windows 10 and fully meets the requirements of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.
Advanced settings: The user can specify to which folder the backup copy should be written, for example.
Scheduling: The user has various options available, among them, whether a backup should be carried out with new connections only, or on a daily/weekly basis.
Event viewer: Logs the various activities carried out by O&O AutoBackup