Volume Licenses

If you want to use O&O Defrag on multiple computers or servers within your organization, you can reduce the costs with our volume licenses starting from 5 licenses.

O&O Defrag 25 Server Edition

Number of computers
Price per license
1 to 4 Server
199.00 USD
from 5 Server
179.10 USD
from 10 Server
169.15 USD
from 25 Server
159.20 USD
from 50 Server
149.25 USD
from 100 Server
139.30 USD
from 250 Server
129.35 USD
from 500 Server
119.40 USD
from 1000 Server
109.45 USD
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O&O Defrag 25 Workstation Edition

Number of computers
Price per license
1 to 4 PCs
39.00 USD
from 5 PCs
35.10 USD
from 10 PCs
33.15 USD
from 25 PCs
31.20 USD
from 50 PCs
29.25 USD
from 100 PCs
27.30 USD
from 250 PCs
25.35 USD
from 500 PCs
23.40 USD
from 1000 PCs
21.45 USD
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Saving more with O&O Starter-Kits

The O&O Defrag Starter-Kit: As an introductory offer for O&O Defrag you can take a money-saving Starter-Kit for either one server and five workstations or 5 servers and 25 workstations. You save on average over 35% compared to what you'd pay for the products individually!

O&O Starter-KitPricing
O&O Defrag Starter Kit 1 Server + 5 Workstation Editions US$ 229 Buy now
O&O Defrag Starter Kit 5 Server + 25 Workstation Editions US$ 979 Buy now

Individual Offer

Have you got very specific requirements for your company, or are you interested in a site license? Or would you like our products for a public authority or educational establishment? If so, please contact our sales team direct. We will be more than happy to make you a tailor-made offer.

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