About Fressnapf Established in 1990, Fressnapf GmbH is a franchise company based in Krefeld, Germany, and is Europe’s largest pet food and accessories chain.
The Fressnapf Group employs around 3,400 employees throughout its stores, and there are around 500 employees working at the logistics and systems center at Krefeld.
The Fressnapf center acts as a service provider to its franchise partners and offers them support in expansion, purchasing, sales, marketing and IT.

The Problem

The employees at Fressnapf spend a large amount of time working with the internet. Such tasks include researching customer data, searching for new suppliers and planning activities with their franchises.
As a result, large numbers of new temporary files are created on the workstations, which are then stored on the hard disk in no particular order. The result is a gradual but significant slowing down of the system. “I have tried to get our employees to regularly carry out the Windows
defragmentation”, said Jürgen Günther, Administrator at Fressnapf, “but with over 500 employees, it is pretty much impossible”.
File fragmentation doesn’t just slow down the time taken to call up internet sites, but the whole system suffers. Simply starting up individual workstations takes significantly longer.

The Solution

“I’ve been using O&O Defrag Pro at home for several years now and I’m delighted with it – install it once and it solves the problem automatically and totally in the background” recalls Jürgen Günther, who back then had read all about the advantages of O&O Defrag in a well known trade magazine. As he was then faced with solving the fragmentation problem at Fressnapf, it occurred to Mr. Günther that O&O also provides a Server solution that enables defrag jobs to be implemented from a central location across an entire network.
With O&O Defrag Server it is possible to select the computer in a network using the Active Directory and then roll out the O&O Defrag Client over TCP/IP. As an alternative, MSI Packs will also do the trick.

The Product

O&O Defrag Server Edition is not just the ideal and specifically optimized defragmentation software for all Windows Server based Operating Systems – it also contains O&O Defrag Network Management, which allows for the distribution and implementation of O&O Defrag across
an entire network. O&O Defrag even has its own software distribution system (O&O Component- Installer), through which the Defrag software can be distributed throughout an entire network with just a few clicks of the mouse. Intelligent version monitoring also allows updates to be easily incorporated.
The client software for the O&O Defrag Server Edition comes delivered with its own O&O Defrag-Agent. This software need only be installed
once. Afterwards the whole communication with the console is automatically managed. This means that as soon as a new computer is added to the network, or the console detects a computer running without an agent installed, the administrator will be given the choice to install that agent. No additional settings or installations are necessary. Everything is integrated into and completed within the secure context of Windows Active Directory Services.

Fressnapf employees speed up daily tasks with O&O Defrag