O&O Defrag, implements the optimization of SSDs using the TRIM functionality according to the ATA standard. For the first time, O&O Defrag allows a user-friendly solution for optimizing all the drives on a computer – regardless of their manufacturer, or whether they are SSDs or mechanical hard disks.

Automatic Optimization

Thanks to the new automatic optimization, it is no longer necessary to set up a defragmentation manually. It is enabled by default after installation and optimizes the disks in the background without affecting the computer negatively during operation.

Automatic optimization was extended for SSDs to allow for the regular implementation of the TRIM command. O&O Defrag detects SSDs and prevents any attempt at defragmentation. In addition, the Windows Disk Defragmenter is switched off to prevent automatic (and damaging) defragmentation of the SSD.

The default configuration of O&O Defrag was prepared on the basis of a broad survey of personal and corporate customers. It is optimized for the vast majority of computer user scenarios and also takes into account all combinations of conventional hard drives and SSDs in a computer.

Note: O&O Defrag recognizes SSDs and will never subject them to an automatic defragmentation, regardless of the settings. The automatic TRIM command for SSDs will be prevented if automatic optimization is disabled by the user. Consequently, automatic optimization should be enabled all the time

The defragmentation of SSDs leads to no improvement in their performance, and may even negatively influence their life expectancy. As a result, such defragmentation must be avoided through the automatic detection of SSDs by the operating system or the defragmentaion software. On the other hand, the automatic and regular execution of the TRIM command increases SSD performance and significantly extends its life span.

O&O Defrag provides both. It is therefore the optimization tool of choice – both for traditional hard disks, as well as for SSDs. With O&O Defrag, you get an intuitive tool that optimizes all the drives on your system and provides a sustained increase in the overall performance of any PC or server.

O&O Defrag supports SSD optimization under all current Windows Versions