About SMI: Since 1987, Systems Management Inc. (SMI) has helped a variety of clients make technology work for their businesses – from private and public corporations to government agencies with integrated applications running in multitiered, multinational computing environments.
Headquartered in Portland, OR. and with offices in the San Francisco area and Southern California, SMI is a full service provider to customers throughout the U.S. west coast and worldwide. SMI‘s resources have on average 20 years of professional technology experience, including 8-10 years of experience with JD Edwards, Oracle, and related platforms.

The Challenge

SMI is doing a backup of their system on a daily basis. These backups, sometimes up to 400 GB, go to a disk during the night time and then to tape during the day. It’s acknowledged as an open issue by vendors of backup software, that this scenario might lead to a heavily fragmented disk which will cause the verify jobs of the backup software to fail the Checksum Test. The reason for that is because fragmented files make this process excruciatingly slow which may lead to a corrupted backup.
A corrupted backup costs time and money since the process needs to be run again and it’s not even certain it will work afterwards or whether the checksum test will fail again. In the case of a disk failure a corrupted backup might even be worse since it could lead to a complete data lost.

The Solution

Using a professional defragmentation solution can effectively eliminate fragmentation, leading to vast improvements in a system‘s performance during routine backups.

O&O Software saved us from having to completely rethink our backup strategy. We tried many products, but only O&O Defrag Server is able to defrag these enormous, sometimes 400 GB files. All other products we tried simply couldn‘t do it, even though we have more than doubled the disk space available, and several GB of RAM. Many of them didn‘t even try, they simply failed., said H. Scott Brown from SMI.

O&O Defrag Server Edition

The program empowers system administrators with the ability to configure defragmentation jobs for any network storage vol-ume through the O&O Enterprise Management Console, or any other standard management console – all from the comfort of their own desk. O&O recommends the SPACE or the COMPLETE/MODIFIED methods while defragmenting backup servers. For storage volumes with limited free disk space, the STEALTH method is recommended.

The Product

O&O Defrag Server Edition securely optimizes a company‘s servers, maximizing their operational performance and durability. Whether it is a terminal or web server, a print server or an application server, O&O Defrag Server Edition can automatically be adjusted to fit any scenario.
As the world‘s only professional defragmentation software, the internal communication between O&O Defrag‘s individual programmed components is based on open standards and uses TCP/IP as its main communication protocol. For this reason, O&O Defrag is easily integrated into company networks of any size. Should the size of the network change, the built-in network management can be used to easily add new servers or workstations to the network.

Volume Licenses

If you want to use O&O Defrag on multiple computers or servers within your organization, you can reduce the costs with our volume licenses starting from 5 licenses.

O&O Defrag 26 Server Edition

Number of computers
Price per license
1 to 4 Server
199.00 USD
from 5 Server
179.10 USD
from 10 Server
169.15 USD
from 25 Server
159.20 USD
from 50 Server
149.25 USD
from 100 Server
139.30 USD
from 250 Server
129.35 USD
from 500 Server
119.40 USD
from 1000 Server
109.45 USD
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O&O Defrag 26 Professional Edition

Number of computers
Price per license
1 to 4 PCs
29.95 USD
from 5 PCs
26.96 USD
from 10 PCs
25.46 USD
from 25 PCs
23.96 USD
from 50 PCs
22.46 USD
from 100 PCs
20.96 USD
from 250 PCs
19.46 USD
from 500 PCs
17.96 USD
from 1000 PCs
16.46 USD
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Saving more with O&O Starter-Kits

The O&O Defrag Starter-Kit: As an introductory offer for O&O Defrag you can take a money-saving Starter-Kit for either one server and five workstations or 5 servers and 25 workstations. You save on average over 35% compared to what you'd pay for the products individually!

O&O Starter-KitPricing
O&O Defrag Starter Kit 1 Server + 5 Professional Editions US$ 979 Buy now
O&O Defrag Starter Kit 5 Server + 25 Professional Editions US$ 229 Buy now

SMI: O&O Defrag Server Edition optimizes backup performance