Here we would like to show you in a few short steps how you can quickly start using and benefiting from O&O Defrag!

What is O&O Defrag?

O&O Defrag is a tuning application designed to improve the speed and longevity of your computer. The new SOLID defragmentation method now optimizes not only hard drives but also SSDs.

First steps with O&O Defrag

  1. After the first start of O&O Defrag you can enter your license by clicking on “Register now”, alternatively in the main view of O&O Defrag by clicking on “Info” and “Register now”, or you can acquire a license at this stage.
  2. O&O Defrag offers a variety of options for optimizing and improving the performance of your computer (s). After starting the program, you are directly in the main view of O&O Defrag and can start there via the various buttons the desired actions. Clicking on the “Start” button immediately starts a defragmentation with the standard method on the currently selected drive from the drive list. If you would like to select a method yourself, for example the new SOLID method, then click on the arrow below the “Start” symbol and select the desired method from the list.
  3. O&O Defrag has many other features too. For example, switching to the “O&O DiskCleaner” tab takes you to other optimization possibilities. Here you can remove unnecessary files that reduce your storage space and the speed of your computer.
  4. Under the tab “O&O DiskStat” you find our tool for the analysis of your occupied storage space. Here you can analyze the selected partition and get a clear overview of which files, file types or categories are consuming how much storage space.
  5. For more information about O&O Defrag, clicking on the question mark icon in the top right corner will take you to the O&O Defrag online guide at any time, which also provides useful tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

We wish you every success and lots of fun with the new O&O Defrag!