Are you preparing to replace your old XP machines? Read here how to delete the data on the disks properly!

Are you preparing to replace your old XP machines? Microsoft will be ending all support for the XP operating system on April 8, 2014. This means no further upgrades and crucially no further security patches or upgrades for XP as of that date. As the vast majority of Windows users worldwide are still using XP there is expected to be a large-scale migration to newer operating systems in the coming months. Our latest Blog Entry looks at the hot topic of E-Waste and the security and health risks involved when disposing of old hardware and electronics.

It is crucial that anyone disposing of or passing on old hardware properly deletes the data on the disks. Deleting something under Windows is nowhere near adequate. Our study Data, Data Everywhere exposed this – it is incredibly easy to access data with readily available software if it was not erased using a professional deletion tool. Whether you are an Admin looking after numerous machines or a private user, we have developed a professional data deletion tool that wipes data beyond any chance of access. O&O SafeErase 6 uses methods deployed by the US Department of Defense and in line with the industry standard Gutmann method.

Don’t take risks with your confidential data, photos, customer data and identity – make sure you wipe your disks before getting new ones with O&O SafeErase.