O&O Defrag 23: Increase productivity for your busines

Increase performance up to 100% for servers and desktop

Scalable for all company sizes

Cost-saving – Extended hardware lifetime

Fragmented hard disks put the brakes on your productivity

Fragmented files slow servers and desktops in your organization. Their availability to you decreases. Depending on the degree of fragmentation, disk accesses become much slower, meaning that valuable time is unnecessarily lost. O&O Defrag 23 for servers and O&O Defrag 23 for workstations streamline hard drives and SSDs and efficiently prevent fragmentation. The resulting reduced physical wear on the optimized storage media will extend the life of your hardware too.

O&O Defrag protects your business against premature hardware wear, increases the hardware lifecycle, is extremely scalable, and so practively helps you save business costs.

Benefits for your company

For hard disks and SSDs

The new SOLID method from O&O Software extends the service life of conventional hard drives as well as SSDs.

Measurable Defragmentation success

Using descriptive statistics, you can see what a regular defragmentation achieves and follow the success over weeks and months.

Save money

Save money Lower physical wear on hard drives and SSDs results in extended hardware lifecycles. Your company avoids premature investments in new hardware.

Why your company needs O&O Defrag

Automatic optimization

O&O Defrag allows you to choose between an automatic optimization and a comprehensive and individual configuration. These optimize your data volumes in the background, so that your server is never negatively impacted during its performance.

Optimization of virtual machines

In addition to defragmentation in the virtual machine itself, O&O Defrag also provides the ability to defragment the file on the host for the best possible performance of the host and its virtual machines.

Scalable network management

In conjunction with the O&O Enterprise Management Console, you can use and manage O&O Defrag company-wide. It is the central Management tool for your O&O programs in a network and was developed specifically for administrators.

Made in Germany. Made in Berlin.

All O&O products are developed and maintained in Berlin. O&O is proud of their location in Germany and guarantees quality, maximum safety and satisfaction for the products and solutions it offers.

NEW: SOLID – a brand-new method for SSDs and HDDs

O&O Software has developed the new defragmentation method SOLID. By using the defragmentation method SOLID, these distributed file parts are defragmented so that in the future significantly fewer memory cells have to be read out and also written to when changing a file. As a result, the SSD is faster as the number of read and write accesses is reduced by the defragmentation. In addition, the premature wear of the SSD (and of course the conventional hard drive) is prevented because fewer blocks need to be erased and rewritten than before the defragmentation with SOLID.
  • SOLID extends the life of SSDs and hard drives
  • A Defragmentation reduces hardware wear & tear long term
  • In addition, performance is increased significantly (also for SSDs)

Save costs

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we have a very solid know-how that is reflected in our products. The simple and quick integration into your corporate network generates an extremely fast ROI and lowers your TCO sustainably. Which means you can focus on what matters: your core business!
  • Lower licensing costs
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Simple, automized management

Automatic task execution

Regular defragmentation is the key to maximum performance. So that you do not have to carry out the defragmentation manually every time, O&O Defrag offers sophisticated time scheduling that will do the job for you. Defragmentation tasks are used to define the time, action, and additional parameters for the defragmentation. You can create, edit, and delete tasks. If you do not need a task for a while, but do not want to delete it, you can disable it. The task will not be executed until it is reactivated.
  • Create customized defragmentation tasks
  • With the command line version (included) you can integrate O&O Defrag into your own scripts

Further benefits of an organized hard disk

The read head of the hard disk is much less stressed and worn in a tidy (defragmented) hard drive, so that prolongs the life of your hardware significantly. The same applies to the load on the memory cells of SSDs. Even in the case of data loss you have a better chance of a complete recovery of the lost data: coherently stored files can be more easily reconstructed by data recovery programs such as O&O DiskRecovery than files that are stored across multiple hard disk areas.
  • Less wear on hard drives and SSDs means extended hardware life
  • Defragmented files increase the chances of data reconstruction with a data recovery solution

O&O Defrag 23 Increase productivity for your busines