Functions of O&O Defrag

Longer hardware life due to reduced wear & tear

The new defragmentation method SOLID defragments stored file parts, so that in the future fewer memory cells have to be read out and, when changing the file, be rewritten. The SSD speeds up as defragmentation reduces the number of read and write accesses. In addition, early wear and tear of SSDs and disks is prevented because fewer blocks need to be erased and rewritten.

Technology for modern data centers, now also for your company

For O&O Defrag 26, we have developed a new defragmentation method that optimizes both SSDs and HDDs. This ability to optimize and protect both types of mass storage is particularly beneficial for today’s data centers that handle masses of data per second, resulting in significant downtime costs.

Data protection top priority

On request, O&O Defrag deletes the unused hard disk space. This prevents the confidential contents of unsafe deleted and temporary files being viewed by third parties

Automatic Optimizatio

O&O Defrag allows you to choose between automatic optimization and a comprehensive and individual configuration.

Boot-Time Defragmentation

O&O Defrag can already perform a defragmentation while Windows boots up. It can also defragment system files that are exclusively locked during runtime by Windows.

Scriptable and Reporting

O&O Defrag is completely controllable via script commands. Detailed status reports inform you comprehensively about all actions taken.

Virtual machines

In addition to defragmenting in virtual machines, O&O Defrag also offers the option of defragmenting the file on the host to ensure the best possible performance of the host and its virtual machines.

Defragmentation without sacrificing performance

In the O&O ActivityMonitor, you can specify at which system load the automatic optimization can start and what percentage of the system performance of the server O&O Defrag may use to a maximum. This way, users can continue to work undisturbed on the server or you can do other work while the defragmentation runs in the background.

Accelerates data backups and restorations

Regular defragmentation can significantly reduce the time it takes to do a backup and to restore a backup. This means consistency can be more easily achieved with large backups. In addition, O&O Defrag supports you in meeting the MTTR targets.

Specially designed for corporate environments

O&O Defrag Server and O&O Defrag Professional were developed with the aim of efficiently using state-of-the-art systems without burdening older hardware through high resource consumption. O&O Defrag supports Windows operating systems from Windows 8.1 to Windows Server 2022 (O&O Defrag Server Edition only).

Made in Germany. Made in Berlin

All O&O products are developed and maintained in Berlin. O&O is proud of their location in Germany and guarantees quality, maximum safety and satisfaction for the products and solutions it offers.

O&O Defrag 26 Increase productivity for your business