O&O SafeErase 7 Server: the modern day file shredder

A variety of data - customer data, product development, accounts – all form the basis and capital of any company. In the "pre-digital" era it was adequate for data security purposes to shred unneeded documents using a paper shredder. In the days of digital storage, companies must now take extreme care when replacing hardware and give special consideration to protecting the data on the hardware against access by unauthorized persons. The use of professional software for data deletion is the solution for the proper management of corporate data and hardware in the digital age.

Berlin , 4th February, 2014 – O&O Software, specialist in data security and data recovery, introduces its newest version of O&O SafeErase 7 Server and Workstation Editions. When data is deleted with the standard tools provided by Windows they can still be easily recovered with specialist software in no time at all. This represents a huge potential risk for the loss of sensitive data especially since it is often no longer possible to know in whose hands the devices will land afterwards.

The new version 7 from O&O SafeErase is the solution for administrators to ensure they meet data protection standards by securely deleting files, partitions and entire hard disks. Among many enhancements to the program the functionality has been significantly extended. O&O SafeErase offers an analysis function that analyses all the disks in a computer to locate non-securely deleted files and also other potential risk files such as internet cookies or history. Following this analysis a server or workstation can be securely cleaned with just one click. SSDs are also automatically detected and the deletions system is adapted accordingly and executed over a TRIM command.

The Workstation and Server Editions of O&O SafeErase enable parallel and secure deletion of all volumes which saves a considerable amount of time. These new Editions are aimed primarily at companies that want to safely wipe their disks of all sensitive data before disposing of the hardware. O&O SafeErase deletes so securely deploying nationally and internationally recognized processes than not even specialist software or hardware can reconstruct the data afterwards.

New and improved features

Compatibility: The new version is designed for use an all Windows Server operating systems starting with 2008.

Increased speed: As a result of supporting multicore processors and accelerating the algorithms for deletion, O&O SafeErase 7 is able to delete data much faster than any previous version. Companies can therefore save a lot of time especially when deleting large data volumes.

Delete an entire computer with O&O TotalErase: All files, settings, applications and operating system can be deleted so that a recovery is impossible. It is possible to delete the entire computer including the system partition without use of bootable media.

Browser security: O&O SafeErase lists per browser all the stored information – such as cookies, form data and Internet histories – which can be permanently deleted either individually or combined. Once deleted, there are no traces of Internet activity, and online accounts are protected from unauthorized access.

Detailed reports: O&O SafeErase provides detailed reports that indicate the files that were permanently destroyed and the method that was used for doing so. The reports can be made anonymous by, for example, hiding file names, to protect privacy.

Study: “Data Data Everywhere”

A study carried out by O&O Software on data found on used hardware: http://www.oo-software.com/en/docs/ddd2007_en.pdf