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Maximum usage of your PC resources


Category: Performance
Version: 7.1.2737
Size: 8 MB
Supported systems:
Windows® 7, Vista, XP
Languages: English, German

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1. The start page of O&O CleverCache displays the memory and cache statistics, status of the processor load, the access frequency to the main memory, the system cache and the hard disk.
2. This graph schematically shows the solution to the cache problem with O&O CleverCache. The lines represent the course of available main memory with (green) and without (red) O&O CleverCache while loading a large file. The situation shown corresponds to the application of video editing programs. It is clear that the load on the main memory is higher on a system without O&O CleverCache than on a system using O&O CleverCache, which will maintain the level of file cache to a certain average value. The resources saved will then be available for other programs, and thus prevent the so called “swapping” and its consequences - slowing down the entire system.
3. The memory and cache statistic allows you to follow the distribution of the memory. O&O CleverCache informs you on the current use of the memory and it’s availability in megabytes and percentages.
4. In this area, it is also possible to see the highest size of file cache allowed, as well as their current use.
5. The load of the processor and the chronological sequence is measured and displayed graphically in this area. On the O&O CleverCache start page (Control Center) you can see a small display for a general overview; a more detailed version can be viewed under processor in the Ribbon Bar. The legend explains the units. Statistical values like the average, maximum or the minimum can be found below the graphic.
6. Mem-o-Free offers you the possibility of controlling the amount of main memory available during the operation of Windows. If this amount of free space falls below a certain preset border value, Mem-o-Free will be enabled and releases additional memory by forcing Windows to swap data not in use.
7. O&O CleverCache offers an option to reduce the risk of a possible data loss with Mem-O-Safe. It allows users to manually set the update interval of the Windows file cache.
8. You can also set your own settings in the user profiles. This enables you to load specific cache settings, e.g. for video editing program or games, at just the right moment.
9. List of the created and predefined (O&O AutoSense) profiles.