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An early-warning system for hard disk crashes


Category: Datasecurity
Version: 4.2.157
Size: 27 MB
Supported systems:
Windows® 7, Vista, XP
Languages: English, German

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1. To use the Full Version of O&O DiskImage 4 Professional Edition, enter the registration code you received after purchasing the product.
2. The start page of O&O DiskImage 4 displays the most important features at a glance. From here, you can create an image of your entire computer or restore a previously created image with just a few clicks of the mouse.
3. On the "Imaging Page" you can select the drive you want to image. The new DiskView provides you with an overview on the hard disk usage.
4. In the "Imaging Options" window, you have various setting options at your disposal. Along with the imaging method, you can also encrypt the image file or determine the size of the file.
5. You can also exclude files and directories from the image.
6. After youve started the imaging procedure, you can estimate the time remaining from the status bar. When the imaging is successfully completed, the program will display a confirmation message.
7. The Job Assistant allows you to run program functions regularly and automatically. You can, for example, create a setting for your data drives to be imaged once every week.
8. The Start CD will let you run O&O DiskImage 4 directly without any prior installation and enable you to use it even under defective Windows systems. The additional loading of drivers not recognized as standard by Windows is also possible.