Rescue photos, videos and music files: O&O MediaRecovery 8

Digital memories in the form of pictures and videos belong to the most valuable data that are now stored on computers. But when they are deleted accidentally or intentionally the result for many people is a feeling of genuine loss. Your first photos of the baby, your wedding video or your MP3 collection are difficult if not impossible to replace. The new O&O Media Recovery 8 can find and then restore deleted files even when it seems all hope is lost!

Berlin, 13th November, 2012 – O&O Software, the Berlin-based specialist for data security and data recovery, now offers a new version of its successful “Rescue for multimedia files”: O&O Media Recovery 8. Deleted photos, videos and music files can be restored directly from digital cameras, memory cards and USB flash drives as long as they are supported as drives under Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. Operating the program is easy and intuitive thanks to a wizard guiding users step-by-step through the entire recovery process. Even PC users with little or no previous knowledge or experience can easily rescue lost multimedia files.

New and improved functions:

The current version of O&O Media Recovery 8 is optimized for Windows 8, and supports a variety of modern file types, particularly in the field of digital image and video creation. In addition, the search process has been optimized in order to enable an optimum recovery even if the file system has been deleted or destroyed.

Various search algorithms: O&O MediaRecovery combines the powerful search processes of the hugely successful data recovery products O&O DiskRecovery and O&O UnErase. These search algorithms apply different technologies to locate data in nearly all scenarios, and can be used together or individually. The algorithm from O&O UnErase is best suited for quick data rescue. The algorithm from O&O DiskRecovery scans every sector of a volume for recognized file signatures and it can reconstruct data from them even when the entire content directory of the volume has been deleted or overwritten.

Integrated Data images: Data images created by O&O DiskImage are also included in the data rescue processes. To prevent a data loss through defective hardware, a forensic image can be created using the separately available O&O DiskImage. This comprehensive image also saves the (assumed) free disk space so that a full data recovery can be carried out later without touching the original hardware.

Filter function: Search results are presented in a clear overview, thanks to filters which sort by size or time (creation/last modified/last accessed). The filters can also blend out empty directories or files for refined search results.

Rescue photos, videos and music files: O&O MediaRecovery 8

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