Securely deleting personal data and internet traces? Use O&O SafeErase 6, now also under Windows 8

If confidential data needs to be deleted, there are generally two main options: either take the disk or volume and destroy it beyond further use - the "hammer" approach - or take a more unspectacular but cheaper option with the new version 6 of O&O SafeErase which now offers comprehensive protection under Windows 8 too. O&O SafeErase deletes files, partitions and entire systems on Windows easily and permanently so that even professional data spies have no chance.

Berlin, September 25th, 2012 – O&O Software, a specialist in data security and data recovery, announces the release of the latest version of O&O SafeErase 6, which has been fully optimized for Windows 8. Data that has been deleted using Windows own function can be easily and very quickly recovered again with special data rescue software such as O&O DiskRecovery.

“Particularly in light of the upcoming release of Windows 8 and the associated decommissioning of old PCs, the risk of inadvertent disclosure of personal and business data is very large,” said Olaf Kehrer, Managing Director of O&O Software GmbH. “Most users who we talk to are fully unaware of the danger. They believe it is sufficient to format the hard drive to erase the data. But that actually only deletes the content directory – the data itself remains and can be read by anyone.”

The new version 6 of O&O SafeErase provides home users and administrators with crucial data protection through the permanent deletion of files, partitions and entire hard disks using internationally recognized methods. Besides numerous improvements, version 6 has more functionality than any previous version.

O&O SafeErase has an inbuilt analysis function which searches for files that were not deleted securely and warns the user of the dangers associated with this data. With just a few clicks, users can clean the computer of data that was not deleted safely so that data spies can no longer obtain it. SSDs are also automatically detected and deletions can be made while conserving resources via TRIM commands. The enhanced reporting system and use of special delete lists for recurring tasks make this version of O&O SafeErase the easiest to use yet.

New and enhanced functions

The new version has been optimized for Windows 8. In addition, in response to a large amount of customer requests the program can be set so that the computer is shut down after a deletion run is completed.

Internet Security: O&O SafeErase lists per browser all the stored information – such as cookies, form data and Internet histories – which can be safely deleted either individually or combined. Once deleted, no one can trace the Internet activity, and online accounts are protected from unauthorized access.

Delete an entire computer and SSDs: All files, settings, applications and operating system can be deleted so that a recovery is impossible. It is possible to delete the entire computer including the system partition without boot media. After restarting the system the deletion process begins automatically. Should an SSD not support TRIM, the data is simply overwritten with zeros to avoid wear effects.

Six deletion methods: Writing over data with zeros means less sensitive data can be deleted at great speed. In addition, O&O SafeErase offers a further five methods of deletion, each one differing in the amount of procedures and the type of overwriting employed. Along with standard deletion procedures used by the U.S. Departments of Defense and the German Bundesamts für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, the Gutmann Methods are also available, matching the highest security requirements and overwriting data 35 times.