Upgrade to Windows 8 – also from XP and Vista

The new version of the successful Migration Kit from Laplink and O&O Software enables a direct upgrade to the new Windows 8 from earlier Windows versions. In contrast to Windows 8 itself, the kit also enables a transfer of data, settings and applications from Windows XP and Vista.

Berlin, Germany and Bellevue, Washington, USA, October 23rd, 2012 – Windows 8 will be released this week. Many users interested in upgrading will now be asking themselves if it is possible. Microsoft itself only supports a direct upgrade from Windows 7. Users of previous versions such as Windows XP and Vista cannot carry out an upgrade. Instead, they have to transfer all data, settings and applications by hand to the new system.

The Solution

The Berlin-based manufacturer O&O Software, in exclusive cooperation with its US partner Laplink Software Inc. of Bellevue, USA, is proud to present the product “Migration Kit for Windows 8”. The two manufacturers have combined their top-selling respective programs, O&O DiskImage and PCmover, to offer users a simple and secure way of moving quickly to the new Windows 8 operating system.

“As was the case with Windows 7, Microsoft has also decided with Windows 8 to only provide an upgrade option for the direct predecessor. Users of older versions of Windows must again resort to time-consuming and painstaking work to upgrade to the new Windows”, said Olaf Kehrer, Managing Director of O&O Software GmbH. “With our partner Laplink we can give all these users a tool which will spare them all this stress and make the transition to Windows 8 much faster and easier.”

“For owners of Windows XP the upgrade to Windows 8 is made almost impossible. Microsoft will be offering half of all Windows users worldwide, those who use Windows XP, Vista or a 32-bit version absolutely no support, so that for them the loss of their applications and settings is very likely”, said Thomas Koll, CEO of Laplink Inc. “As market leader in the field of migration products for Windows, we are delighted that, together with our partner O&O, we can offer such a comprehensive solution particularly for older versions of Windows. It makes moving all versions of Windows onto a new Windows 8 PC child’s play.”

The entire migration process occurs in three stages: first, an image is made of the old system, as recommended by Microsoft, saving the various programs, data and personal settings. Next, the user can install any Edition of Windows 8, as the Migration Kit supports transfers from every Windows 7, XP or Vista Edition to every Windows 8. It can even transfer 32 to 64-Bit or from an old to a new PC. Finally, all the selected programs, data and personal settings are transferred to the new system. The new PC is now practically a duplicate of the old one, the difference being it runs on the new operating system Windows 8.

As well as the products PCmover and O&O DiskImage the “Migration Kit for Windows 8” also contains step-by-step instructions and an original Windows PE Start CD for creating and restoring images of the PC System. After migration, O&O DiskImage can be used on the new operating system indefinitely as a backup and imaging solution.

O&O DiskImage

Data image:

In the first instance, O&O DiskImage makes a complete data image of the “old” Windows system, as recommended by Microsoft. The user then has an Image of the old computer, including individual settings.

Complete image and image of the changes:

After the programs, data and settings are successfully migrated to Windows 8, it is recommended that a further complete Image is made to avoid a time-consuming new installation.

Restoration of individual files:

Image files from O&O DiskImage can be mounted as virtual hard disks. Individual files can then be easily copied and restored using Windows Explorer.

Laplink PCmover for Windows 8


An easy-to-use Assistant leads users through the Migration procedure.

Application transfer:

The user decides which programs, including the appropriate information, are transferred to Windows 8.

File transfer:

The user can also decide which files and folders should be transferred to the new operating system.

Prices and availability

The “Migration Kit for Windows 8” recommended retail price is EUR 29.90 / GBP 29.99. It will be available from the 26th October, 2012 through the O&O Online Shop and through our partner network

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