Whether we’re talking about the adept home-user or an administrator, O&O RegEditor makes the job easier and quicker. It comes with an eminently user-friendly application, but it is really its portability that makes the life of an administrator much easier.

No installation is needed and all settings are saved in the Profile data, so that O&O RegEditor can easily be used on other computers. Special versions in 32 and 64-Bit are available, meaning certain registry entries can be edited on 64-Bit systems that are normally hidden from 32-Bit users.

Features overview

  • Convenient search function
  • Copy and paste of entire keys, subkeys and their values
  • Simplified editing
  • Create, manage, import and export favorites
  • Frequently used keys can be preset as favorites
  • REG files optimized for import and export
  • Export the Registry in XML format
  • Changing or creating system and program settings belongs to the daily routine of every Administrator. The O&O RegEditor makes working with the registration database significantly easier. It comes with an eminently user-friendly application, but it is through its portability that it really makes the life of an Administrator much easier.

    O&O RegEditor simplifies working with the registration database.

    In addition to the virtue of working regardless of location, O&O RegEditor makes accessing registration databases in Windows systems particularly quick and simple. A comprehensive range of standard features are available, all of which are quicker and more streamlined thanks to optimized accessibility and user-friendliness. For example, after a high-precision search is performed, a list of results is displayed, together with the corresponding key paths. In addition, searches are performed without users having to make those irritating confirmations of every interim result. Users can also copy paths direct from websites or manuals into the address line and navigate straight to them. As a history of all paths visited is saved, navigating between different keys is quick and easy. The ability to simply copy and paste complete registry keys and subkeys is especially helpful when testing settings, in order to save old settings for restoration at a later date.

    Comparison chart: O&O RegEditor and Windows RegEdit

      O&O RegEditor Windows RegEdit
    Create, edit and delete Windows Registry entries    
    Convenient search function: success shown in a list    
    Copy and paste complete keys, subkeys and their values    
    Portable version, no installation needed. Start from portable storage device, e.g. USB    
    Create, edit, import and export Favorites    
    Frequently used keys can be preset as Favorites    
    Export Favorites    
    Import and Export REG files    
    Export the entire Registry in XML format    

    O&O RegEditor is also a component of O&O BlueCon

    The O&O RegEditor was originally developed both as an integral component of O&O BlueCon and for the development of our own products. O&O BlueCon is a comprehensive pack of tools for administrators that enable system restorations, system images and much more under Windows. It can be started direct from a USB or CD/DVD with a full Windows user interface for when a system will no longer start and needs rescuing.

    O&O RegEditor: Freeware for editing the Windows Registry