Guest Communications Corporation relies heavily on O&O DiskImage

About Guest Communications Corporation: Guest Communications Corporation is a publishing company which specializes in producing custom quick reference information directories in a tiered (flip-chart) format for Hospitals throughout the USA. They have been based in Kansas City since 1987 and have built a large and loyal customer base through providing durable, quality products and an excellent customer service. Their various guides help hospitals communicate vital information to their patients and nursing staff on topics ranging from infection control to emergency preparedness.

What Guest wanted

Guest Communications, like so many companies worldwide, lives and breathes data. With so many customers on their books in addition to their own vast array of data connected to their production business, Guest needed a safe and simple backup plan to make sure all this data was safe and that, should something happen, they could retrieve it quickly and intact. The challenge was finding a solution that met their needs, impacted as little as possible on daily production and was within budget. Their previous attempts at finding such a solution had failed.

The Solution from O&O

Creating images of entire servers and desktops and backups of important files is now one of the standard measures currently taken by administrators to protect their data and system configurations. O&O DiskImage takes this once step further by providing features that make the job of an Administrator significantly easier.

As a company that relies heavily on our data, we’ve tried various backup solutions in the past which were very problematic. O&O DiskImage is simple to setup and very easy to maintain on our network. It simply works., Jim Shappell, General Manager

What O&O DiskImage can do Regardless of whether at home or at work: The safety of your digital data is often overlooked these days, on the basis that “nothing ever happens to me”. Unfortunately, it can and often does. O&O DiskImage lets you create images of entire servers, desktops or individual partitions while you work. If data loss occurs, your imaged data (files, folders, partitions) can be restored in no time at all – even if Windows is unable to start.

The most reliable way to protect yourself against data loss is if you make regular backups of your data and the operating system and store it on an external storage medium. When backing up your PC, O&O DiskImage saves both personal files as well as drive information and individual settings. This not only protects irreplaceable files, such as family photos, vacation videos and office documents, but you also save yourself in the event of a crash the lengthy set up and reinstall of all the programs and the Windows operating system. To make sure your backups are always up to date, we recommend that you perform regular backups at short intervals. You can automate this with O&O DiskImage, so that your data is backed up say once a week, for example, automatically and in the background. If you have backed up individual drives, you can easily restore them over the user interface of O&O DiskImage under Windows. To restore an entire PC or the system partition you can run O&O DiskImage without installation directly from the boot media.

O&O support is second to none

Guest communications have also found out why O&O Software’s reputation in the industry for quality products and service is a deserved one. In addition to cutting edge technology we pride ourselves on solid, swift support delivered by an in-house team of specialist technicians.

When an issue arises O&O’s support team has been quick to respond and help us solve the problem which, in my experience, has usually been a network problem as opposed to a software problem. I highly recommend O&O DiskImage for any business who wants a reliable backup plan., Jim Shappell, General Manager

Volume Licenses

If you want to use O&O DiskImage on multiple computers or servers within your organization, you can reduce the costs with our volume licenses starting from 5 licenses.

O&O DiskImage 11 Server Edition

Number of computersPrice per license
1 to 4 ServerUS$ 299.00
from 5 ServerUS$ 269.10
from 10 ServerUS$ 254.15
from 25 ServerUS$ 239.20
from 50 ServerUS$ 224.25
from 100 ServerUS$ 209.30
from 250 ServerUS$ 194.35
from 500 ServerUS$ 179.40
from 1000 ServerUS$ 164.45

O&O DiskImage 11 Workstation Edition

Number of computersPrice per license
1 to 4 PCsUS$ 49.00
from 5 PCsUS$ 44.10
from 10 PCsUS$ 41.65
from 25 PCsUS$ 39.20
from 50 PCsUS$ 36.75
from 100 PCsUS$ 34.30
from 250 PCsUS$ 31.85
from 500 PCsUS$ 29.40
from 1000 PCsUS$ 26.95

Saving more with O&O Starter-Kits

The O&O DiskImage Starter-Kit: As an introductory offer for O&O DiskImage you can take a money-saving Starter-Kit for either one server and five workstations or 5 servers and 25 workstations. You save on average over 35% compared to what you'd pay for the products individually!

You can find further information on our volume license program right here.