About Passaic City Public Schools: Passaic Public Schools in New Jersey works together with its community to welcome and educate children from all cultures and backgrounds. The Technology Department consists of 9 people taking care of the computing needs not just of pupils in a total of 19 schools throughout the Passaic region, but also the entire teaching staff too – which of course adds up to a whole lot of data.

What Passaic wanted

Confidential data ranging from school work to personnel files must be organized and backed up in case something goes awry. Passaic’s challenge with a relatively small team was to simplify their data backup processes and keep their costs down but without compromising on quality and security. Their previous solution for making regular backups and entire system copies was not meeting their requirements, and on top was costing a lot more than they had anticipated.

The Solution from O&O

Creating images of entire servers and desktops and backups of important files is now one of the standard measures currently taken by administrators to protect their data and system configurations. O&O DiskImage takes this once step further by providing features that make the job of an Administrator significantly easier.

O&O DiskImage is one of those products that you did not know how much you needed until you have it smoothly
operating on your network. It is simple to install and deploy with an intuitive interface, and best of all it is very unobtrusive and light on system resources.”, Stefan Semo, Assistant Information Technology., Stefan Semo, Assistant Information Technology

What O&O DiskImage can do

Regardless of whether at home or at work: The safety of your digital data is often overlooked these days, on the basis that “nothing ever happens to me”. Unfortunately, it can and often does. O&O DiskImage lets you create images of entire servers, desktops or individual partitions while you work. If data loss occurs, your imaged data (files, folders, partitions) can be restored in no time at all – even if Windows is unable to start. The most reliable way to protect yourself against data loss is if you make regular backups of your data and the operating system and store it on an external storage medium.

When backing up your PC, O&O DiskImage saves both personal files as well as drive information and individual settings. This not only protects irreplaceable files, such as family photos, vacation videos and office documents, but you also save yourself in the event of a crash the lengthy set up and reinstall of all the programs and the Windows operating system. To make sure your backups are always up to date, we recommend that you perform regular backups at short intervals. You can automate this with O&O DiskImage, so that your data is backed up say once a week, for example, automatically and in the background. If you have backed up individual drives, you can easily restore them over the user interface of O&O DiskImage under Windows. To restore an entire PC or the system partition you can run O&O DiskImage without installation directly from the boot media.

Beats the competition on all fronts

Passaic city Schools had previously used a solution from another provider but were not content with the overall package.

Switching from products like Acronis to O&O DiskImage has been a great move for us as we continue to automate and simplify our backup strategies. Coupled with great support it is an excellent product, priced reasonably. I look forward to further innovations from O&O Software and their great team., Stefan Semo, Assistant Information Technology

Volume Licenses

If you want to use O&O DiskImage on multiple computers or servers within your organization, you can reduce the costs with our volume licenses starting from 5 licenses.

O&O DiskImage Server Edition

Number of computers
Price per license
1 to 4 Server
299.00 USD
from 5 Server
269.10 USD
from 10 Server
254.15 USD
from 25 Server
239.20 USD
from 50 Server
224.25 USD
from 100 Server
209.30 USD
from 250 Server
194.35 USD
from 500 Server
179.40 USD
from 1000 Server
164.45 USD
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O&O DiskImage Professional Edition

Number of computers
Price per license
1 to 4 PCs
49.95 USD
from 5 PCs
44.96 USD
from 10 PCs
42.46 USD
from 25 PCs
39.96 USD
from 50 PCs
37.46 USD
from 100 PCs
34.96 USD
from 250 PCs
32.46 USD
from 500 PCs
29.96 USD
from 1000 PCs
27.46 USD
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