O&O DiskImage rebuilt Coffeesmith’s Server after a crash

About Coffeesmiths:
Coffeesmiths was established in 2004 in Iowa and conceived as a cosy, home-like environment where people could enjoy a coffee and escape the hassles of their day for a while. The idea proved a success and in 2005 the company built an additional two-sided drive thru in Marion, IA. They now have three locations in all and are looking into further expansion opportunities. Coffeesmiths have built up a very loyal clientele through excellent products and personal service.

What Coffesmiths wanted

Coffesmiths has three point-of-sale computers, one in each location, and needed a backup solution that could secure the data from each computer to an external server held offsite at their business HQ. Not only did they need this process to be automated and simple, but they also needed the ability to backup separate weekly data in separate directories.

We have 3 retail stores each with 2 POS computers. Each night, the critical files on each POS are transmitted to our HQ location server. We use OO DiskImage server as the backup tool for our server, which covers as a secondary offsite backup for our POS systems. The server has a 1 terabyte external HD. We execute a full image each Sunday, then do incremental each night. We keep three full weeks of back up on the external drive. We keep each week in a different directory., Scott Brown, owner

The Solution from O&O

Creating images of entire servers and desktops and backups of important files is now one of the standard measures
currently taken by administrators to protect their data and system configurations. O&O DiskImage takes this once step further by providing features that make the job of an Administrator significantly easier. Scripting, for example, turned out to be exactly what Coffeesmiths were looking for.

The scripting functions within O&O DiskImage allow me to copy the files from week to week before the full weekly image is created., Scott Brown, owner

What O&O DiskImage can do

Regardless of whether at home or at work: The safety of your digital data is often overlooked these days, on the basis that “nothing ever happens to me”. Unfortunately, it can and often does. O&O DiskImage lets you create images of entire servers, desktops or individual partitions while you work. If data loss occurs, your imaged data (files, folders, partitions) can be restored in no time at all – even if Windows is unable to start.

The most reliable way to protect yourself against data loss is if you make regular backups of your data and the operating system and store it on an external storage medium. When backing up your PC, O&O DiskImage saves both personal files as well as drive information and individual settings. This not only protects irreplaceable files, such as family photos, vacation videos and office documents, but you also save yourself in the event of a crash the lengthy set up and reinstall of all the programs and the Windows operating system. To make sure your backups are always up to date, we recommend that you perform regular backups at short intervals. You can automate this with O&O DiskImage, so that your data is backed up say once a week, for example, automatically and in the background. If you have backed up individual drives, you can easily restore them over the user interface of O&O DiskImage under Windows. To restore an entire PC or the system partition you can run O&O DiskImage without installation directly from the boot media.

O&O DiskImage rebuilds Servers after a crash

Coffeesmiths found out just why O&O DiskImage is becoming the de facto choice for many small to medium-sized businesses. The ability to restore an entire system or server, including the operating system, not only gets a business back up and running quickly to avoid downtime but also means that a company does not have to purchase replacement hardware after a crash.

I have used O&O DiskImage to rebuild my server after a crash as well as pull off old files. The ability to mount an image as a drive is useful in data recovery as well., Scott Brown, owner

Volume Licenses

If you want to use O&O DiskImage on multiple computers or servers within your organization, you can reduce the costs with our volume licenses starting from 5 licenses.

O&O DiskImage 11 Server Edition

Number of computersPrice per license
1 to 4 ServerUS$ 299.00
from 5 ServerUS$ 269.10
from 10 ServerUS$ 254.15
from 25 ServerUS$ 239.20
from 50 ServerUS$ 224.25
from 100 ServerUS$ 209.30
from 250 ServerUS$ 194.35
from 500 ServerUS$ 179.40
from 1000 ServerUS$ 164.45

O&O DiskImage 11 Workstation Edition

Number of computersPrice per license
1 to 4 PCsUS$ 49.00
from 5 PCsUS$ 44.10
from 10 PCsUS$ 41.65
from 25 PCsUS$ 39.20
from 50 PCsUS$ 36.75
from 100 PCsUS$ 34.30
from 250 PCsUS$ 31.85
from 500 PCsUS$ 29.40
from 1000 PCsUS$ 26.95

Saving more with O&O Starter-Kits

The O&O DiskImage Starter-Kit: As an introductory offer for O&O DiskImage you can take a money-saving Starter-Kit for either one server and five workstations or 5 servers and 25 workstations. You save on average over 35% compared to what you'd pay for the products individually!

You can find further information on our volume license program right here.