O&O DiskStat gives you a concise overview of the disk usage on your computer. The product makes it simple for you to track down those files and folders that are taking up too much space on your hard disk, and causing your computer to slow down. This versatile tool offers a Windows-Explorer type interface and a whole range of options to track down sources of wasted space.

Concise chart display

The extensive monitoring of drives, folders, and files is made easier through a variety of displays. This can be seen, for example, in O&O DiskStat presenting the Top 10 of the largest files on a computer.

Analyze network drives

As one of the most important features, the Server Edition gives you the option of analyzing network drives. When viewing, it’s also possible to have a display arranged according to owner so that you can see if individual users are taking up too much space. The results can be saved as reports in either XML or HTML format. This allows administrators to recognize early enough when the hard disk memory is full so that they can either begin a targeted clean-up or start planning for new hardware.

Automatic warning of disk space overload*

Set a schedule for receiving reports from every computer across your network and stay better informed of what’s happening in your environment. The various charts will let you quickly recognize which computers are having trouble with their storage capacities and from where the high memory consumption is stemming. You’ll be able to determine at which point of disk space usage the computer should be labeled as “critical”. Doing so will provide you with an early warning of any storage problems on workstations and give you time to take appropriate action.

Made in Germany. Made in Berlin.

O&O DiskStat is available in three versions: the Professional Edition intended for the home user – the Workstation and Server Editions for administrators. All O&O Products are developed and maintained in Berlin, Germany.

We take the concerns of our customers very seriously because we know just how important their data is to them: and we’ve been doing so for over ten years!

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