O&O DiskImage functions:

Backup servers/PCs with the push of a button or automatically

O&O DiskImage provides a wide range of options for backing up systems. You have the choice of creating images or making file backups. Systems, files, or documents can be easily restored.

Helps with the virtualization of your IT

O&O DiskImage enables direct restoration of virtual hard disks (VHD). It can also backup and restore in Hyper-V environments, making it easy to migrate to and from virtual machines.

Migration to new systems

Hardware that reaches the end of its lifespan must be exchanged. At that point it’s important to decide how best to get the computer’s operating system and all its data onto the new computer/server.
To do this, O&O DiskImage provides Machine Independent Restore (in short M.I.R.) which enables the restoration of a system image onto a machine with different hardware components. Drivers and settings are automatically replaced to keep the system is in working order.

Strong encryption

Increase security for your data by using AES-256 encryption for backups.

Backup without downtime

O&O DiskImage contains a powerful mechanism that guarantees data will be backed up exactly as it is at the moment each backup is started: changes made to the database during backup will have no effect on the backup or image itself. This is the only way to create the consistent system backups needed for being permanently available.

Automation, scripting, and reporting

As a result of its extensive scheduling options, you’ll be able to use O&O DiskImage for making backups automatically. O&O DiskImage can also be run entirely by scripting. Detailed reports will keep you fully informed about any action that’s been run.

The right backup method for your company

O&O DiskImage offers you complete as well as differential or incremental imaging. With a complete image you have the choice between a space-saving backup of used sectors or an all-inclusive forensic image that might be helpful when trying to recover lost data, for example with O&O DiskRecovery. A differential image lets you save space: only those data sectors that have been changed since the last backup will be included.

Using virtual hard disks (VHD)

To simplify working with Microsoft Virtual PCs (VPC) you can convert backups into virtual drives (VHD). The converted backup can then be mounted as a virtual drive on the VPC without O&O DiskImage having to be installed there. It’s also possible to create images (OMG) of virtual hard disks (VHD).

Protection against sabotage

It happens time and again that malware creeps into a company, infecting many, maybe even all, computers and then starts systematically destroying data. This is often noticed only when it’s too late, when important data has been lost forever. In cases like this, restoring the system and its data is top priority. O&O DiskImage provides the necessary mechanisms needed to recover single files or entire systems in the blink of an eye.

Specially designed for environments

O&O DiskImage Server and O&O DiskImage Professional were developed with the aim of performing efficiently on the latest systems while not putting excessive strain on the resources of older hardware. O&O DiskImage fully supports Windows 64-bit operating systems, dynamic disks, and, of course, fail-proof RAID configurations.

Made in Germany. Made in Berlin

All O&O Products are developed and further enhanced entirely in Berlin. The name O&O Software is a guarantee of quality as well as maximum security and satisfaction in the products and solutions we provide.