You protect the data stored on your PC from falling into the wrong hands. But what happens to your most private data when you sell, give away or recycle your computer? The fact that multiple formatting of the hard drive is supposed to erase your data is just an urban myth. That’s why we developed O&O DiskErase. This makes it possible to safely destroy certain partitions, hard disks or all data on the entire computer at the push of a button.

Thanks to O&O’s world-first O&O SolidErase, data on SSDs is also shredded in a hardware-friendly and absolutely secure way.

Protect your private information from data theft

O&O DiskErase destroys partitions, hard disks or the entire contents of your PC safely, reliably and irrecoverably.

Saves time and nerves

Simply select with a click whether individual partitions and hard disks or whether the entire contents of your PC should be destroyed, the remainder is done by O&O DiskErase for you.

You have full control

You determine the desired security level of data destruction. Select with a click the files or folders to be deleted. O&O DiskErase clearly shows you exactly what it is doing.

O&O DiskErase is able to safely destroy all the contents of your machine, even the files normally locked by Windows. The TotalErase function developed by O&O really annihilates all the data that is on your computer. You do not even need a boot medium that would need to be created in a complicated way. O&O DiskErase is capable of destroying the entire content of your PC after a reboot. Important! Please note that once deleted with O&O DiskErase data can not be restored. Not even by special software and hardware. Take this into account and avoid accidentally deleting your data!

The complete data destruction solution

You do not just want to delete individual files or folders, but also browser data or the entire contents of your computer? Then O&O SafeErase is the right solution for you.

Use in a company

A license from O&O SafeErase is bound to a computer. If you want to safely destroy files on any number of PCs in your company, then our O&O SafeErase Admin Edition is the right choice. The license is linked to an administrator and can be used as often as desired on company-owned computers.

Data deletion as a service

You want to offer your customers secure data destruction as a service? Then the O&O SafeErase Tech Edition is the right choice for you. It is licenses to a service provider who can safely destroy data on any number of customer computers.

System requirements: Windows® 8 till Windows® 10 (all editions)

O&O DiskErase: Protect yourself against data theft