O&O AutoBackup: Easy data backup for everyone

Almost everyone knows this one: connect a USB flash drive to the computer, transfer data onto it, edit the same data on another machine and you have to save it once again. Not to mention how annoying it is if you forget a file. The free O&O AutoBackup automatically aligns files and folders on a PC with an external storage medium. It does so as soon as the medium is connected to the computer. And it only saves the data that has been changed or deleted in the meantime.

Berlin, 11th January, 2012 – The new O&O AutoBackup is a free solution for automatic synchronization of files and folders on a PC with an external backup medium. It supports as external media USB sticks or disks with a FireWire port.

Automatic file synchronization

O&O AutoBackup checks with each connection to the PC whether there have been changes to the files or folders that are already on the external drive. A manual start of the program is not necessary.
It can do the following:

  • A complete backup. All data is copied to a directory on the external disk. This is always the first step to make sure a complete backup of all selected files is made.
  • A backup of the changes. All new and changed data is backed up. A new file is written each time, whereby the original file on the external medium is not changed. Files deleted on the source disk are left untouched.
  • A synchronization. Saves all changes made and removes all deleted data from the target disk.

Free download

Interested users can download O&O AutoBackup from the O&O Software website at http://www.oo-software.com/en/products/ooautobackup.
Until the end of January, 2012 users can register for a full version of the software free of charge at http://www.oo-software.com/en/products/ooautobackup/license.

A Backup option with more functionality: O&O DiskImage 6

With O&O DiskImage users can backup their data, be it as a drive backup (image) or as a file backup (backup). The 1-Click backup allows the backup of an entire computer with just one click, and restoring the image is also straightforward. A system backup or clone can be restored to devices with identical hardware or also for example on devices where the motherboard or processor is different.

With the free 30-day trial version of the multi-functional O&O DiskImage Professional Edition 6 (full version $29), users can create backups of their computer quickly and easily and fully test the diverse functions and features.

Free download at http://www.oo-software.com/en/download/current/oodiskimagepro.