About Sector Zero, S.A. Sector Zero is a specialized Portuguese reseller with more than 17 years of experience in the corporate software market. As a leading reseller in the Portuguese market, Sector Zero has been named by readers of the Portuguese edition of Personal Computer World as a “Better Point of Sale of Software“ for the last five years in a row.

The Problem

Recently a Sector Zero PC crashed without warning and the system kept rebooting without offering any opportunity to repair or access it. It just kept rebooting. The affected system had 4 hard disks (2 SATA and 2 IDE), each pair in a RAID-0 array and no floppy drive, making the recovery of the Windows system an even more daunting task.

The Solution

After an administrator with over a decade‘s worth of expert experience spent an entire morning trying to recover the system to no avail, he turned to Winternals AdminPak and the new O&O BlueCon as his last resorts. With Winternals AdminPak he was unable to gain access to the boot partition, making any further repairs with the software impossible. He then turned to the new O&O BlueCon, noting to himself, “it is probably not going to work, but at least I can see if this is a good product or not.”

This is what he found:

After booting from the included O&O BlueCon Windows CD, I took a quick look at the tools available and for the first time I was able to access and read my hard drive. Very impressive!, Sector Zero, S.A

But the system was still not yet able to boot again. He concluded that the problem had to do with the NTFS file system itself. After noticing that in O&O BlueCon it was possible to run a “Chkdsk“ on the unbootable partition, he went for it. He noticed some errors were corrected and decided to restart the computer. The result: The computer was up and running again!

The Solution

As an experienced reseller of software products, Sector Zero is well aware of the leading system administra-tion and recovery titles on the market today. In this case, O&O BlueCon was the only solution that offered a simple and successful way to regain access to the inoperable Windows system and repair it with the help of its high power administration tools. In addition to preventing the loss of potentially crucial company data, O&O BlueCon was able to save Sector Zero time and resources by circumventing the need for a reinstallation of the computer‘s operating system.

The Product

A total Windows system crash is every administrator‘s worst nightmare. With O&O BlueCon, users, administrators and service technicians now have a collection of professional tools at their fingertips to get damaged Windows systems up and running again – with no new installation required. With the integrated data recovery products (available in Admin and Tech Edition) from the well proven O&O RescueBox, any type of data can now also be recovered, even from systems that won‘t start anymore. The Windows-based user interface enhances the experience yet further, making O&O BlueCon eminently clear and simple to use.