O&O AutoBackup 6: Backup important data externally – quickly, easily, and always up to date

O&O Defrag 20 – Optimize Windows 10 quick and easy

The new O&O Defrag 20 ensures maximum speed, extends the life of hard drives, and provides greater data security. The new version 20 not only improves system performance, but now also allows the detection of space wasters with the newly integrated O&O DiskStat. It’s also compatible with all recent Windows versions.

O&O Defrag 19 now with integrated O&O DiskCleaner and new SSD optimizer

The new O&O Defrag 19 not only organizes files optimally on a disk but can now find and remove superfluous files, freeing up memory space and increasing system performance yet further. In addition, O&O Defrag 19 has been adapted to fully support Windows 10 and contains a special optimizer for SSD file systems.

O&O DiskRecovery 10: Professional data recovery at the push of a button

PC users still often overlook making a regular backup of their data. When it gets lost in error, through a hacker or a virus infection then recovering that data is often time-consuming, expensive or sadly no longer possible. Even when one does make regular backups, just one click of the wrong folder can destroy the result of hours or days of work. O&O DiskRecovery helps users who urgently need to recover their data quickly and with no prior experience or knowledge required.

O&O AutoBackup 4: Connect – Synchronize – Remove

O&O AutoBackup synchronizes files and folders automatically with one or more external storage devices – and always exactly at the point when the device is connected to the PC. It also only synchronizes those files that were altered.

O&O MediaRecovery: Rescue for digital photographers, film lovers and music fans

O&O MediaRecovery can restore deleted photos, videos and music files directly from digital cameras, memory cards and USB flash drives as long as they are supported as drives under Windows. Operating the program is easy and intuitive thanks to a wizard guiding users step-by-step through the entire recovery process. Even PC users with little or no previous knowledge or experience can easily rescue lost multimedia files.

O&O DiskImage 9 released: Simple and reliable data imaging – Made in Germany

The latest version 9 of O&O DiskImage is available with immediate effect. O&O DiskImage can image entire computers, drives or data anytime during running operations. By restoring these images the familiar working environment can be quickly brought back and made available again, regardless of whether restoration is onto the computer where the image was made or on another machine with entirely different hardware.

O&O Defrag 18: Now speeds up Windows over Smartphone too

Regular defragmentation speeds up systems, extends the life expectancy of hard disks and provides increased security. The new version O&O Defrag 18 can now also optimize and speed up PCs and servers over a Smartphone or Tablet. It is for the first time a Hybrid solution acting as a desktop solution and web app simultaneously.

O&O SafeErase 7 Server: the modern day file shredder

A variety of data - customer data, product development, accounts – all form the basis and capital of any company. In the "pre-digital" era it was adequate for data security purposes to shred unneeded documents using a paper shredder. In the days of digital storage, companies must now take extreme care when replacing hardware and give special consideration to protecting the data on the hardware against access by unauthorized persons. The use of professional software for data deletion is the solution for the proper management of corporate data and hardware in the digital age.

O&O Syspectr spots Windows problems before they hurt!

O&O Syspectr monitors PCs and servers and reports potential problems to the user before they become a problem and cause damage: Are Windows security measures in place on all PCs and servers, have all relevant security updates been installed or has a new piece of software been discovered that actually should not be there?

O&O BlueCon 11: Disaster Recovery that just works

A system crash! A nightmare for any Administrator of course, but for others just a challenge. Whereas one tries a lot of fancy tricks at breakneck speed, the other simply starts O&O BlueCon 11 directly from a boot medium and immediately has access to various tools that repair systems, find and solve errors, recover data, reset passwords and much more. Disaster recovery doesn't get any easier.

O&O DiskImage 8 Server released: Protection against data loss on Windows Servers is now faster and easier than ever

There are two important factors to consider when it comes to server downtime: keeping the downtime as short as possible and restoring the database with no inconsistencies. By making frequent backups of Windows systems and the entire database, users can immediately reconstruct systems whenever trouble strikes. O&O DiskImage 8 now makes doing this for Windows Servers and across networks faster and easier than ever before.

O&O DiskRecovery 9: Professional first-aid for lost data

Data that‘s lost accidentally or as a result of malicious activity isn’t really lost and can be easily restored with O&O DiskRecovery; a product that contains the same technology used by professionals. The important thing to remember is that once data loss occurs, new data should not be written on the disk. But how can data recovery take place without a recovery product already installed? The "Instant Installation" feature of O&O DiskRecovery 9 is available for just this very purpose. The program can be started from a disk or over a network and so prevents any additional data loss that might occur by direct installation.

O&O SafeErase 7 deletes data faster than ever

O&O SafeErase 7 analyzes the computer and searches for data that has not been securely deleted. This data poses a potential security risk and threat to privacy. Simply deleting data under Windows does not permanently destroy data because it still remains located on the disk and could be easily recovered with specialized software. O&O SafeErase deletes files, partitions, and complete systems so easily and securely, not even professional data spies have a chance at recovery.

O&O AutoBackup 3 released: Automatic real time synchronization of personal data

O&O AutoBackup automatically backs up and synchronizes selected files and folders with an external backup device so that in the event of a data loss it can be accessed again immediately. No further application is needed – Windows Explorer alone will suffice.

O&O Defrag 17 Server Edition: Maximum performance now for virtual machines and storage area networks (SANs) too

Users of virtual machines know the phenomenon: the amount of data remains the same, but the memory for the virtual container increases and causes the virtual system to slow down. The new O&O Defrag 17 Server Edition effectively eliminates and prevents this performance problem from occurring. It defragments not only the virtual machine itself but also the host and simultaneously ensures that the storage container for the virtual machine retains its optimum size. New in version 17 is also the support of Storage Area Networks (SANs) that can also now be fully optimized.

O&O DiskImage 8 makes data images child’s play and supports migration from XP

With O&O DiskImage 8 entire computers, single drives and files can be backed up during running operations. By restoring such an image, a user has their normal and familiar working environment back again in a short space of time, regardless of whether it is restored onto the original computer or one with different hardware.

O&O Defrag 17: More performance and security for Windows XP through to Windows 8.1

Defragmentation speeds up systems, extends the life expectancy of hard disks and provides increased security. And not just in Windows 8.1, but also right back to Windows XP.

O&O Syspectr Public Beta now available

O&O Syspectr enables users to spot PC and Windows problems before they cause any damage. Through a modern and easy-to-use web interface users can have access to full information on their systems, not only over their PC but also over Smartphones or Tablets and from anywhere in the world. They can do this even when the PC is turned off. On request O&O Syspectr will notify users immediately by e-mail of live events occurring on their machines and provide the means to solve any issues with just a few clicks of the mouse.

O&O BlueCon 10: The comprehensive rescue system when Windows won’t start

As a rule, when a server or PC no longer starts it means a lot of work for an administrator. In some cases, he is left with no choice but to set up the system anew. When this happens, O&O BlueCon can repair systems, correct errors, recover lost data and entire systems from images, all in a matter of minutes. O&O Bluecon helps Administrators both in emergencies and in their daily work.

O&O AutoBackup 2 released: Automatic backup and synchronization of files and directories

O&O AutoBackup automatically backs up and synchronizes selected files and folders with an external backup device so that in the event of a data loss it can be accessed again immediately. No further application is needed – Windows Explorer alone will suffice.

O&O SafeErase 6 now securely deletes confidential company data under Windows Server 2012

The careless handling of confidential company data is one of the main reasons why it can fall into the wrong hands. Most companies are very careful when it comes to protecting themselves against external threats from viruses and hackers. Yet when the time comes for hardware disposal, securely deleting data on these machines is often forgotten or ignored. It is with companies in mind that O&O SafeErase 6 now provides an easy, convenient, and economical solution.

O&O DiskImage 7 released: Professional data backup now also available for Windows Server 2012

Server downtime can end up costing companies a lot of money because it’s impossible to work on servers while they're being reconstructed. That’s why making frequent data backups is so important in keeping downtimes and their related costs to a minimum. When needed, these backups can be used to reconstruct the system. This is now also possible for the Windows Server 2012.

O&O Defrag 16 also reduces time needed for backups on Windows Server 2012

The volume of data being saved, edited, and then saved again on servers in company networks is growing constantly. These frequent changes on files are responsible for increased fragmentation, and this slows down servers considerably. As a result, hard disk access takes much longer which means that regularly scheduled backups also require more time to complete. Routine defragmentation on servers with O&O Defrag 16 significantly reduces the time needed for backing up data.

Rescue photos, videos and music files: O&O MediaRecovery 8

Digital memories in the form of pictures and videos belong to the most valuable data that are now stored on computers. But when they are deleted accidentally or intentionally the result for many people is a feeling of genuine loss. Your first photos of the baby, your wedding video or your MP3 collection are difficult if not impossible to replace. The new O&O Media Recovery 8 can find and then restore deleted files even when it seems all hope is lost!

Upgrade to Windows 8 – also from XP and Vista

The new version of the successful Migration Kit from Laplink and O&O Software enables a direct upgrade to the new Windows 8 from earlier Windows versions. In contrast to Windows 8 itself, the kit also enables a transfer of data, settings and applications from Windows XP and Vista.

O&O DiskImage 7 released: Professional Backup also made easy under Windows 8

A regular backup of data is a must for PC users. Sadly most users shy away from it as they assume the implementation of security often requires in-depth technical knowledge. The new version 7 of O&O DiskImage proves the opposite. With just a few simple steps every PC owner can protect his important data against sudden loss.

Securely deleting personal data and internet traces? Use O&O SafeErase 6, now also under Windows 8

If confidential data needs to be deleted, there are generally two main options: either take the disk or volume and destroy it beyond further use - the "hammer" approach - or take a more unspectacular but cheaper option with the new version 6 of O&O SafeErase which now offers comprehensive protection under Windows 8 too. O&O SafeErase deletes files, partitions and entire systems on Windows easily and permanently so that even professional data spies have no chance.

O&O Defrag 16 now also boosts performance under Windows 8

The new O&O Defrag 16 not only tangibly accelerates access to hard disks, but also extends the life cycle of hardware. In doing so it actively prevents system crashes. As well as the current Windows versions from XP onward, Windows 8 native is now also supported so that users can prepare their computers for the new Windows before official release.

O&O DiskRecovery 8: Simple and professional data recovery for every Windows user

O&O Software releases a new version of its successful data recovery software. O&O DiskRecovery 8 can recognize even more file types, for instance Microsoft Office 2013 documents. The recovery of picture and video files from digital cameras has been enhanced, and the search for compressed files, in particular ZIP and 7-zip files, has been further enhanced.

O&O Defrag 15.8: Defragmentation under Windows 8

Defragmentation on a regular basis not only results in faster access times, it simultaneously reduces the wear on hard disk mechanics and so extends a computer’s life expectancy. And this is now possible under Windows 8.

O&O DiskImage 6.8: Data Backups under Windows 8

O&O DiskImage 6.8 is the comprehensive solution for backing up and restoring data under Windows 8.

Corporate Solutions – Solutions designed specifically for corporate clients

Corporate Solutions from O&O put a wide range of IT solutions under one roof, with the clear aim of making working with Windows desktops and servers across networks faster and safer. These solutions save businesses time, and more importantly money. Corporate Solutions takes the familiar software solutions from Berlin-based O&O Software and tailors them specifically for corporate customers and their service providers.

O&O Defrag 15.5: Now with remote control in a network

Controlling O&O Defrag from remotely enables you to analyze and optimize various computer drives in the same network.

O&O AutoBackup: Easy data backup for everyone

Almost everyone knows this one: connect a USB flash drive to the computer, transfer data onto it, edit the same data on another machine and you have to save it once again. Not to mention how annoying it is if you forget a file. The free O&O AutoBackup automatically aligns files and folders on a PC with an external storage medium. It does so as soon as the medium is connected to the computer. And it only saves the data that has been changed or deleted in the meantime.

O&O BlueCon 9: The Swiss Army knife for administrators

As a rule, a when a server or pc no longer starts it means a lot of work for an administrator. In some cases, he is left with no choice but to set up the system anew. When this happens, O&O BlueCon can repair systems, correct errors and recover lost data, all in a matter of minutes. This saves a substantial amount of time and money.

O&O Defrag 15: Increase Windows Server productivity and reduce costs simultaneously

Fragmented files slow down company servers and reduce their availability. Access to the disks - depending on the degree of fragmentation – is made much slower, meaning valuable time is lost unnecessarily. O&O Defrag is optimized for company use, removing the brakes placed on productivity by fragmented files, and sinking costs by significantly delaying the need for new hardware.

O&O DiskImage 6: Minimize Downtime and Costs

Setting up servers anew and trying to rebuild lost data costs companies huge amounts of time and money. By continually making images of such crucial information, this risk is avoided. Should a loss occur or an operating system crash, an image means the information can be quickly retrieved and made available again.

O&O Defrag 15: Performance increase of up to 100%

With fully automatic defragmentation for the home user, professional settings for power users and application across company networks, O&O Defrag 15 ensures sustainable and maximum speed for any computer.

O&O DiskImage 6: File backup increases data security

The data backup program O&O DiskImage 6 is released with numerous innovations. Through the continuous imaging of data with O&O DiskImage, users can avoid the risk of a costly data loss. In the case of a defective operating system or data loss, the data is quickly available again, and the downtime of the machine is kept to a minimum.

O&O DiskImage 6 – New file backup increases data security

Advance Notice: The data image program O&O DiskImage 6 to be released on 6th September, 2011 with numerous innovations. Continuous data protection with O&O DiskImage can totally negated the risk of a costly data loss. In the event of a defective operating system or data loss, all previous data are quickly available again, with downtime of the machine kept to a bare minimum.

O&O Defrag 14.5: Methods triumph over zones

The O&O Defrag 14.5 update puts the spotlight back onto the familiar Stealth, Space, and Complete methods of defragmentation. As an alternative, users can continue to select zone filing, which has been an integrated feature of O&O Defrag since version 12. Also new: An analysis of all drives is automatically done whenever the program is started. This update is available free of charge for all owners of O&O Defrag 14.

O&O BlueCon 8 optimized for Hyper-V, Tablet PCs and Netbooks

System repair, locating errors and correcting them, restoring lost data, resetting passwords, deleting data permanently and managing local user accounts O&O BlueCon 8 is the standard commercial tool for the rescue of computer systems. Based on the current Windows PE, it enables users to deploy various programs designed to restore unbootable systems.

O&O DiskRecovery 7: Professional data recovery at your fingertips – and without installation for emergencies

O&O DiskRecovery 7 looks for and recovers data that’s been unintentionally lost as a result of human error or defective software. It combs every sector of the hard disk, the memory card, or the USB Stick to find lost files. With O&O Disk Recovery 7 Professional Edition an unlimited number of files per session can be restored.

O&O SafeErase 5 Workstation and Server Editions: Data security was never so quick

Using internationally recognized methods, O&O SafeErase deletes sensitive data so securely that a reconstruction, even with special software, is no longer possible. In the new version 5, an analysis function has also been integrated which searches a PC's volumes for data that was deleted non-securely and for other potentially risky files, such as internet history and cookies. Upon completion of the analysis the server or workstation can be cleaned with just one click.

Security Risk: Wrong deletion method

Using internationally recognized methods, O&O SafeErase deletes sensitive data so securely that a reconstruction, even with special software, is no longer possible. In the new version 5, an analysis function has been integrated which searches for data that was deleted non-securely. With just a few clicks, the computer can be cleaned to such an extent that unauthorized persons have no chance to dig out old files and misuse them.

O&O BlueCon 8: When a crash brings a system to its knees

O&O BlueCon 8: When a crash brings a system to its knees Repairing the system, locating and correcting errors, restoring data, resetting passwords, securely deleting data and managing local users O&O BlueCon 8 is the commercial standard tool for rescuing computer systems. Based on the current Windows PE, it allows for the use of numerous programs aimed at the restoration of an unbootable system.

O&O Defrag 14 released – including optimization from SSDs

O&O Defrag 14 released - including optimization from SSDs Fully automatic defragmentation for the home user, professional settings for power users and application across enterprise networks: O&O Defrag offers everything to ensure the sustainable and maximum speed of any computer. With O&O Defrag 14 it is now possible for the very first time to optimize SSDs regardless of the manufacturer, making SSD access much faster and minimizing the physical wear to the flash devices.

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